Best Hockey Drills

How to Improve Hockey Skills

Practice and more practice is the key to improving your hockey skills, and it is absolutely essential to perform drills that teach you the basics before you will be able to play at top level in game situations. There are many effective methods for improving hockey skills, and knowing how to improve hockey skills is always key. Even if you have mastered how to perform a certain hockey technique, drilling should still be performed continuously to increase your accuracy and speed when performing the move.

Hockey Camps:

Hockey camps are specialized training centers that focus entirely on helping players improve their game. Many of the most respected hockey camps take place in the summer months, so if you intend to master the sport be prepared to play almost every month of the year. Though hockey is a winter sport, the best players play year-round and have learned the proper techniques about how to improve hockey skills.

Learn From Others:

The best way to improve hockey skills is to get advice from other hockey players, including other teammates and your coach. Watching the pros is also a great way to learn the skills you need to improve your own abilities. Try to emulate the pros and always ask your coaches and more experienced older players for advice.

Improve your Strength:

By improving your strength you will improve your skills because it will become easier to perform moves and you will have the ability to try new things. Going to the gym is a part of being a strong hockey player, and strength training takes place off the ice as well as while at practice. Flexibility is also an important part of becoming a better player, so make sure you work on your flexibility as well.

Skating Skills:How to Improve Hockey Skills

Strong skating is essential to improving your hockey skills. This means that not only while playing hockey, but also simply by skating and improving speed, will enable a player to improve their hockey skills. Practice on your own and try to work on your speed and ability to make quick, sharp turns.

Learn to use the Boards and the Glass:

The boards and the glass are your friends, not only when practicing but in game situations. Try to learn how to make passes off the boards and incorporate these moves into your skills. Try to pass the puck off the boards and then pick it up on the other side of the defender.

Practice on Rollerblades:

By practicing your skating and hockey skills on rollerblades you will be able to improve your skills, since it is similar to ice hockey. Work on stick handling and keeping your head up. You can also practice your different types of shots for speed and accuracy. Try to have a strong wrist shot, snap shot, and slap shot.

Visualize your Game:

Hockey is a mental game as well as a physical sport. By knowing exactly where to position yourself on the ice and trying to predict your opponent’s moves you can anticipate what will happen next and prepare accordingly. You don’t want to always be reacting, so it’s better to be proactive and anticipate what will likely happen next. You can actually learn how to improve your hockey skills if you can visualize what you need to work on.


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