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Helped Me Win a Provincial Championship!*

Last season you help me win a Provincial championship in the pee wee division.This season we ended up in the finals in all tournaments that the team played in. we are heading to the provincials again looking for a bantam championship

Simon Nevin , Restigouche Lady Rebels, NB, Canada

Gets Coaches Organized FAST!*

We improved our breakout and team chemistry using the drills in the book. Your system will help coaches get organized FAST!

Tony Tolvo , DeLand Thunder, Florida

We Finished the Season 39-6-4!*

The format, diagrams and explanations made it easy to understand and utilize. The pre-designed plans give me a better flow in practices and better utilization of ice time.

We finished the season 39-6-4, and I am positive your ebook helped contribute to our teams achievements. It truly helps to be a better coach, it helps to develop a better skilled team of players, and worth taking the time to use so all your teams goals can be met.

Dennis Granowicz , Mt. Clemens Wolves, Michigan

Significant Improvement in the Individual Players... And Playing As a Team*

I liked the pre made practice plans and great drills. It helped me to break up the time appropriately throughout the ice slot when putting together my own practice.

It was my first year as coach and many of the players first year of hockey. Our record was roughly .500 but we as coaches saw a significant improvement in the individual players but more importantly in them playing as a team.

I would recomend it to other coaches. It provides fresh and new ideas and I really like the on going updates and new ideas. I also like the ideas gathered and shared from the other coaches.

Doug Hutson, Novice 5 Cyclones, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

New Ideas To Keep Everything Fresh*

Using your system, we went 16-4! The plans broke down everything into age appropriate drills and provided new ideas to keep everything fresh.

Dennis Aldrich, Canton Golden Bandits, Massachussetts

34 Wins and 15 Losses!*

Your system showed me how much time to allow for different drills so I could keep the interest of the kids. In a 52 game season we had 34 wins 15 losses and 3 overtime losses. Amazing!

James R. Ross , Castlegar Rebels, British Columbia

Frees Up Much More Of Your Time!*

The ease of finding "new" drills was the BEST part! The kids knew right away that I had some sort of a new "drill book" because they asked "OK, where did you get this drill from? Its a good one!" I was honest and I told them! There were actually FUN drills here.

I cut my practice planning down by a good 2 hours. I am meticulous in planning a good practice. I lay about 6-7 books out and go through each one for what I am specifically looking for. Its very time consuming!

Your one ebook laid everything right there out in front of me so that I did not need all of those 6-7 books! I was so amazed!

I would definitely reccommend this site to other coaches. It frees up so much more of your time so that you can spend more of your "so called hockey time" searching the web for other ideas of things to do with your team.

Terry Baum, Oswego, New York

A New and Refreshing Approach*

Your system was a new and refreshing approach to the hockey year's agenda. It made it motivating for the kids to work hard in practice and to always be ready (mentally and physically) for games. Our record was 14-3-3!

Terry MacGillivary , Cape Breton County Islanders Atom AAA, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Easy To Follow... Helped Organize My Whole Season*

Your system was easy to follow and helped organize my whole season. By having a plan I was able to utilize all the ice time to have a productive and effective practice. This was my first season - from start to finish it was a major improvement. We won the league championship and came in third in the playoffs!

Tina Merx , Surrey Female Atom Falcons, BC, Canada

The Kids Bought Into The System And We Won The Pee-Wee Championship!*

Your system speeds up prep time and allows us a faster transition from one drill to the next. Using some of the more advanced defense and offense drills they played much more positional hockey. The kids fully bought into the team system and we won the pee wee league championship!

Timothy Fischer , Condors, Tempe AZ

A Dramatic Improvement From Last Year*

Last year, we went .500, but this year, with your help, we finished the season with a record of 30-19-4! Your drills helped develop the skills the kids needed to improve and it did not take long at all to prepare for each practice.

There was a dramatic improvement from last year, because each activity had designated time-frames, and having it written out allowed for smoother transition from one drill to the next.

Robert Biehl, Champaign-Urbana 8U Chiefs, Illinois

No More Wasted Time*

Your system allowed me to pick & choose drills to fit my team. The practice plans helped organize my ice time and avoid wasting time standing around and thinking.

Scott Wilcox , Sieurs de Terrebonne, Terrebonne, Canada

Keeps Me Organized So Players Don't Get Bored*

Your system keeps me organized and limits the amount of time spent per drill so that players don't get bored. The improvements between last year and this year were dramatic!

Lisa Sylvia, Cranston Girls Varsity, Rhode Island

Brought Home Trophies in All 5 Tourneys*

The practice plans are a great organizational tool and save valuable time. We went 25-6-4 bringing home trophies in all 5 tourneys - 2 consolation champs, 2nd place champs, and 1 championship. Major improvement indeed!

Greg Luedke , Squirt B1, Wayzata, Minnesota