One on One Drill


  • Purpose

    Players practice stickhandling and controlling the puck in a competitive situation.

  • Set Up

    Players pair off and set up anywhere on the ice.

  • Instructions

    1. Coach blows his whistle.

    2. The two players go one-on-one for 30 seconds, each trying to gain control of the puck.

    3. Coach blows his whistle and players skate around passing the puck back and forth for 30 seconds.

    4. Coach blows his whistle again and players go one-on-one for another 30 seconds.

    5. Run the drill for 2-3 reps (180-270 seconds).

  • Coaching Tips

    When they possess the puck, the players should be changing speeds and using head and body fakes to keep the defense off balance.

    On defense, players should always try to close the gap between them and the offensive player. They should also strive to always be in a balanced position.