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Through The Cones

Purpose Pairs of offensive and defensive players learn to work together to beat the other side. Setup Offensive players form two lines in the corner. Defensive players form two

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Hop The Lines Hockey Skating Drill

Hop The Lines Drill

Purpose Builds sturdiness and agility on skates. Setup Players line up along the goal line. How it Works Coach blows the whistle or says “Go.” Kids skate

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Quick Hands Hockey Stickhandling Drill

Quick Hands

Purpose Players improve their puck handling and manual dexterity. Setup Place approximately 8 smaller cones in a line with the cones being about 4 feet apart. Players line up

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Blue Line Shooting

Purpose Players practice taking shots on goal. Setup Players line up along the blue line. A goalie is in net. How it Works Coach blows his whistle

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Spin and Pass Drill

Purpose Players learn to make a move with the puck (a spin) and then make a good pass to the next player. Setup Players form three lines – one

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3 Chances Drill

Purpose Players practice three different types of shots. Goalies get practice defending shots on goal. Setup You need two goalies, and two lines that form at center ice. A

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Multi-Skate Drill

Purpose Players practice the basic skating skills of turning, stopping and making the switch between forward and backward skating. Setup Divide players into 3 groups, put one group in

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3 Goalie Drill

Purpose Players practice one-touch passing. Setup Create three groups of players and put one group in each zone. How it Works A coach blows his whistle or

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