Shot From The Slot Hockey Shooting Drill

Shot From The Slot Drill

Purpose Players practice passing, stickhandling and shooting. Setup A cone is placed at the bottom of each faceoff circle. Players form two lines one on each side of the

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Hit the Net Drill

Purpose Players learn to shoot the puck on net. Setup Players form two lines in front of each net. Give each line a puck (or several pucks, if available.)

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hockey shooting tire drill

Tire Drill

Purpose Players practice shooting through a screen and using a screen to help them score a goal. Setup For this drill you need to nail a tire to a

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Pinpoint Hockey Shooting Drill

Pinpoint Shooting Drill

Purpose Players learn to shoot quickly, accurately and under pressure (time). Setup Players form a line about 10 to 12 feet in front of the net. Player gets five pucks. How it Works Coach blows

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High Low Shots Hockey Shooting Drill

High, Low Shots Drill

Purpose Players practice handling the puck, cutting and shooting. Setup Place a cone at the top of one faceoff circle and a cone at the bottom of the other

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Blue Line Shooting

Purpose Players practice taking shots on goal. Setup Players line up along the blue line. A goalie is in net. How it Works Coach blows his whistle

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3 Chances Drill

Purpose Players practice three different types of shots. Goalies get practice defending shots on goal. Setup You need two goalies, and two lines that form at center ice. A

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