This drill is good practice for skating skills as well as shooting skills. 


You need pucks for each person in the drill and a goalie in the net. 

How It Works:

  • Three players start on the right boards. The first player in line is on the blue line. He skates around the closest dot and cuts in toward the net, setting up and taking a shot. 
  • Second player skates around the top of the center circle, counter-clockwise, before cutting in toward the net, also setting up and taking a shot. 
  • Third player skates around the bottom of the circle, clockwise, before cutting in and taking a shot. 
  • The goalie should attempt to deflect all shots. 
  • Run the drill for 8-15 minutes.

Coaching Tips:

  • Because people are traveling different routes stress to players that they must always be aware of where other players are to avoid a collision and maintain the timing of the drill. 
  • While players can stop and try a slapshot, the moving shot is better preparation for competition situations. 
  • To add difficulty, you can have each player after they shoot try to help the goalie defend against the next player.