Shot From The Slot Hockey Shooting Drill

Shot From The Slot Drill

Purpose Players practice passing, stickhandling and shooting. Setup A cone is placed at the bottom of each faceoff circle. Players form two lines one on each side of the

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Poke Check Drill

Purpose Defenders learn to take the puck away from an offensive player. Setup Pair up players of similar skill. The offensive player gets a puck. How it Works

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3 Goalie Drill

Purpose Players practice one-touch passing. Setup Create three groups of players and put one group in each zone. How it Works A coach blows his whistle or

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Lines Drill

Purpose A conditioning drill that also helps players improve their quick starts andstops as well as their skating. Setup Players line up at the goal line. How it Works Coach blows his whistle or says,

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scramble hockey stickhandling drill

Scramble Drill

Purpose Players practice puckhandling while skating. Setup 5 players line up on each goal line (10 players total in the drill).Each player has a puck. How it Works Coach blows whistle or says, “Go.”Players skate

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Two-on-Two with Loops Drill

Purpose Pairs of offensive and defensive players learn to work together to beat the other side. Setup Offensive players set up on opposite ends of the goal line. Defenders set up at the

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backward skating with cones drill

Backward Skating with Cones Drill

Purpose Defenders practice skating backward. Setup Players line up at the goal line in the corner of the rink. How it Works Coach blows his whistle or says “Go.” First player in line skates backward

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tough passes hockey passing and receiving drill

Tough Passes Drill

Purpose Players learn to deal with bad passes. Setup Players form two lines along the boards. Two coaches stand at center ice. How it Works A coach blows his whistle or says “Go” to start.

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