two on one hockey competitive drill

Two-on-One at Both Ends

Purpose Defenders attempt to stop two offensive players from scoring Setup Two offensive players set up at opposite ends of the goal line. Defender sets up by one of the

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push and glide hockey skating drill

Push and Glide Drill

Purpose This drill helps younger skaters learn the power of their blade edges. It builds skating power and also helps players learn to gain momentum with each stride. Setup Players

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Circle Passing Drill

Purpose This drill helps younger players develop an awareness of where the puck is. Setup You can run this drill in two or three circles, depending on how many

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head up stickhandling drill

Head Up Drill

Purpose Players learn to control the puck while keeping their head up Setup Players line up across from each other on opposite sides of the ice. Each player has a

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agility hockey skating drill

Agility Skating Drill

Purpose Defensemen practice the various types of skating they need to excel at in games. Setup Defenseman lines up at the goal line in the corner of the rink.

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three laps hockey defense drill

Three Laps Drill

Purpose Defensemen work on skating backward. Setup Players start out at the goal line in the corner of the rink. How it Works Coach blows his whistle or

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Board Passing

Purpose Players learn to pass off the boards to teammates. Setup Players form two lines – one at the goal line and one at the blue line. The coach

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hockey shooting tire drill

Tire Drill

Purpose Players practice shooting through a screen and using a screen to help them score a goal. Setup For this drill you need to nail a tire to a

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