Hockey Agility Skating Drill

Agility Skating Drill

Purpose Defensemen practice the various types of skating they need to excel at in games. Setup Defenseman lines up at the goal line in the corner of the rink.

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Up The Center Drill

Purpose Defensemen work on making a good outlet pass to start the breakaway. Setup You need a defenseman, a center and a wing. How it Works Coach shoots

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hard turn defensive hockey drill

Hard Turn Drill

Purpose Defensemen practice making hard turns to go from skating forward to skating backward. Setup Players line up at the goal line near the boards. How it Works Coach

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hockey stickhandle drill

Stickhandle Drill

Purpose Players practice stickhandling at half and full speed. Setup Players set up anywhere on the ice. Each player has a puck. How it Works Coach blows

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Hit the Net Drill

Purpose Players learn to shoot the puck on net. Setup Players form two lines in front of each net. Give each line a puck (or several pucks, if available.)

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Shot From The Slot Hockey Shooting Drill

Shot From The Slot Drill

Purpose Players practice passing, stickhandling and shooting. Setup A cone is placed at the bottom of each faceoff circle. Players form two lines one on each side of the

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Poke Check Drill

Purpose Defenders learn to take the puck away from an offensive player. Setup Pair up players of similar skill. The offensive player gets a puck. How it Works

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