Triangle Drill

Purpose Defensemen practice skating forward and backward and transitioning between the two. Setup Place three pucks around the faceoff circle. Players start at a puck on the side of the circle. How it Works Coach

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Pinpoint Hockey Shooting Drill

Pinpoint Shooting Drill

Purpose Players learn to shoot quickly, accurately and under pressure (time). Setup Players form a line about 10 to 12 feet in front of the net. Player gets five pucks. How it Works Coach blows

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obstacle course hockey skating drill

Obstacle Course Drill

Purpose Players practice skating fundamentals. Also, improves conditioning. Setup Create an obstacle course that goes through many of the skills learned in the various drills in this guide. For

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Dot Drill Hockey Skating Drill

Dot Drill

Purpose Players get better at doing tight turns at full speed. Setup Player starts in a corner of the rink. How it Works On "Go", player skates around the

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Hockey Agility Skating Drill

Agility Skating Drill

Purpose Defensemen practice the various types of skating they need to excel at in games. Setup Defenseman lines up at the goal line in the corner of the rink.

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High Low Shots Hockey Shooting Drill

High, Low Shots Drill

Purpose Players practice handling the puck, cutting and shooting. Setup Place a cone at the top of one faceoff circle and a cone at the bottom of the other

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