High Low Shots Hockey Shooting Drill

High, Low Shots Drill

Purpose Players practice handling the puck, cutting and shooting. Setup Place a cone at the top of one faceoff circle and a cone at the bottom of the other

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1 on 1 Keep Away

Purpose Players learn to control the puck while under pressure from a defender. Setup Pair up players of similar skill and give one a puck. How it Works

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Backward Skate To Shot Hockey Defensive Drill

Backward Skate To Shot

Purpose Defensemen work on skating backward, passing and shooting. Setup Defensemen line up along the boards on one side of the ice. How it Works Coach blows

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Iron Cross Drill

Purpose This drill builds agility, develops quick crossover starts and improves reaction time on the skates. Setup This drill can be done in each of the five circles in

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Pivot Drill Hockey Defensive Drill

Pivot Drill

Purpose Defensemen work on transitioning between forward and backward skating. Setup Players line up at the blue line. Five cones are placed on the ice. How it Works

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Through The Cones

Purpose Pairs of offensive and defensive players learn to work together to beat the other side. Setup Offensive players form two lines in the corner. Defensive players form two

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