Players get great practice at receiving, especially while continuing to skate.

Two players are grouped together at opposite blue lines. For example, one group of two is at the left side of the first blue line; the other group is at the right side of the second blue line. Across from
the groups of two are single players at the other boards.

How It Works:

  • The first players of each group of two skates down the blue line with a puck. They follow the blue line until reaching the center circle.
  • At that point, they pass the puck to the person at the opposite end of their blue line.
  • The skaters then follow the center circle about 3⁄4 of the way around. They prepare to receive a 
pass, but not from the player they passed to. They are now closer to the opposite single skater, so 
they will receive a pass from the person they did not pass to originally.
  • Once they receive the pass, they continue around the circle and break toward the goal, taking a shot.
  • The players who received the passes then skate to the center circle, making a 3⁄4 rotation just like 
the first group.
  • The second skater from each group of two now passes to the skaters in the middle, who skate 
around the circle, break down the ice, and take a shot on goal.
  • Run the drill for 10-15 minutes.

Coaching Tips:

  • Something very important to remember with this drill is that players must pass to where they believe the skater will be going, not to where they currently are. 

  • Both the passer and the receiver have to pay close attention to their teammates to ensure that the passes are sent and received in the appropriate way.