This drill, while it does end with a shot, is all about passing and receiving 


Two players start next to each other along the right boards at the blue line. One player has a puck. 

How It Works:

  • Player without the puck skates backward to the bottom of the circle. At this point, player with puck passes it to the other player.
  • Immediately after receiving the pass, the player turns forward and skates back toward the blue line while controlling the puck.
  • Near the goal line he passes back to the other player, who is still against the boards at the blue line.
  • After passing, the player turns to skate backward again toward the other circle. When he gets in front of the net, his partner passes the puck to him and he takes a shot.
  • Run the drill for 8-12 minutes. 

Coaching Tips:

  • Players should be handling the puck properly as they skate backward.
  • Players should also be shooting immediately after receiving a pass. This will require
    concentration and accurate passing.