This drill focuses on passing more than shooting, although it does put an em- phasis on shooting as well


Two players begin at the top of the faceoff circles, facing the net. Two other players start just behind the red line on the either side. A final player starts behind the skater at the red line on the right side, because this is the side the drill will start from

How It Works:

  • The player on the right at the red line skates forward with the puck and passes to the skater at the top of the right circle, nearest them.
  • After sending off the pass, the skater continues to the blue line and skates down the blue line.
  • Just after receiving the pass, the skater at the right end-zone circle passes to their counterpart at the other end-zone circle. The skater who received the pass at the other end-zone circle immediately passes to the skater at the red line, nearest them.
  • When the skater at the red line receives the pass, the skater at the blue line cuts down the ice toward the net. The red-line skater passes to the breaking skater, who takes a shot on goal.
  • Run the drill for 8-12 minutes.

Coaching Tips:

  • Players should be passing the puck as soon as they receive it, so the reception must be clean in order for them to immediately send the puck on its way again.
  • The emphasis in this drill should be on quick but accurate passing.
  • On the final pass, the passing player must anticipate where the skater will be when they receive the pass, and the receiver must be prepared to receive the pass and then set up for a good shot, with very little time to adjust.