Teaches skaters to pass the puck to the defense to avoid overcrowding or to confuse the defense. 


Place a cone near the boards between the red line and the circle. You will also need one puck. 

How It Works:

  • Player starts with the puck near the blue line on the left boards. He skates along the boards toward the net, cutting around the cone before skating back up the ice. 
  • When the player reaches the blue line, he should pass either to a defender or a center. 
  • The Defender should be placed on the blue line near the right boards. The Center should be in the center circle. 
  • If the puck is passed to the center, the passing player moves into the center while the center passes to the defender. 
  • As the player cuts down toward the net, the defender passes the puck into his path. 
  • The player takes a shot, and players rotate positions to start the drill again. 
  • Run the drill for 5-10 minutes.  

Coaching Tips:

• Encourage players to keep their heads up while skating and switch up their passes to keep everyone paying attention.