Pushes players to pass and receive accurately, because they get only one chance to touch the puck. Also, offers great practice for the goalie. 


The goalie starts defending the net.
3 players line up on either side of the ice. Put several pucks in the bottom of the center circle. 

How it Works:

  • The right handed player nearest the center circle passes to the second player in his line. That player passes to the next player who takes a shot on net.
  • The drill then repeats itself in the opposite line.
  • As soon as the player closest to the goalie takes a shot, they skate behind their line and take their place as the player closest to the center circle.
  • The other players in line then shift down, ensuring that all players experience all positions.
  • The drill continues until the player who began the drill ends up in their original place near the center circle.

Coaching Tips: 

  • Right handed players should be in the left line and left handed players in the right line.
  • Encourage players to only touch the puck once during the exercise. Players should receive the pass and immediately pass it on or take a shot, depending on their position in line.
  • This also makes a great warm-up drill before games and at the beginning of practice.