Best Hockey Drills

Hockey Canada Drills

For coaches, teaching new drill to players is always fun, especially when it is some Hockey Canada drills. Players and coaches’ alike love to change up things, it keeps the game fresh. Here are some Hockey Canada drills that the coaching staffs use for different aspects of the game.

Back checking

In this Hockey Canada drill, the focus will be about back checking. The drill consists of a player skating down the rink to shoot at the opponent’s goal. If he misses, he will need to hurry back (back check) so that when the other team skates into his zone with the puck, he will be there with his team mates to block shots or steal the puck away.


Simply put, this drill consists of ways of passing the puck to effectively get into the opponents zone. There are many drills that involve passing, including: 5 pass, 4 corner pass, 3 touch pass, circle passing, aggressive 4 line pass, 3 man give and go, drop passes, stretch pass, board passing and many more.

Puck control

Puck control is one of the more important drills to practise. It would be very fun if a player skating towards his opponents net kept losing the puck along the way. Usually these drills consist of power turns, acceleration out of turns, puck protection, backward agility puck protection for defensemen, creativity, decision making and much more.


Shooting is of course another important drill. Learning how to control your shot is not always easy. This is why there are certain drills to be practised such as controlling pass under pressure, Quick release shooting, 1-timers, timing, fake shot, puck handling, slap shot and many more.


As everybody knows, you will go nowhere with the puck if you do not know how to skate. This is why Hockey Canada practises these drills. Some of the more common are; foot speed, side stepping, conditioning, lateral movement, quick start, for checking, start and stops.

Small games

Small games within the team help the coaches see the positive and the negatives in a player that should be looked at. This is done by splitting up the team and playing 3 on 3, 3 on 2, 4 on 3 and so on. This helps the players when in a game situation they are on a power play or a penalty kill.

Stick handlingHockey Canada Drills

Stick handling drill are meant to be fun and educational. Fun for the players and educational for the coaches who can see what player has what kind of talent with the puck. Some drills that will help to see this are; dribble, fake situation, agility, edge control. You should also see what certain players are capable of in the small games drill where player are less scared of making mistakes if they try something new.

Warm up

The most important part of any practise is the warm up drill. Whether it is before or after, it is necessary. Some warm up drills include; stretching pretty much every part of the body, light shooting, light passing, light shots on goalie and circling around the rink to get the blood flowing.

These Hockey Canada drills will surely help if you have a young team. It will prepare them for the future and they will not be surprised if ever the wound up playing for their country.


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