Best Hockey Drills

Hockey Tryout Drills

During hockey tryouts coaches must evaluate each player’s hockey talent by using specific game like drills. They should then select a combination of team oriented and skilled players with a winning attitude, good character and players who possess strong hockey skills. There are many exciting hockey tryout drills that will simulate game situations and show coaches all they need to know in order to select their strongest team.

Skate Pass and Shoot:

One of the most famous hockey tryout drills is simulating a common game situation of the uneven rush toward the net. Have the players either go three-on-two or two-on-one and watch them as they work together as a line. Have them pass back and forth and try to get past the defenders in order to put the puck in the net. This drill shows how players work together as a line and how they improvise during game situations.

Sprint Pivot and Shoot:

This is a good drill to show who has the strongest skating skills. Begin with players on the boards in the corner and have them sprint one by one to the second of two cones, pivot and skate backwards to the first cone, do a cross-over turn, sprint to second cone, make a cross-over turn, pick-up the puck on the blue line and shoot no deeper than top of the circle. Follow-up the shot for the rebound. After five minutes, move the line to the other side of the cone and repeat drill.

One on One:

A good tryout drill is to match up a defenseman with a forward and see what happens. Using the entire length of the rink will enable you to watch how both players progress and interact with one another as the forward tries to get past the defenseman and score a goal. This tryout drill is good because it shows puck handling skills and also any moves that the forward might have to trick the defenseman.

Two on Two:Hockey Tryout Drills

Two on Two allows two forwards to pass the puck back and forth in an attempt to get past the two defenders and score a goal. This drill is effective at showing how two defenseman cover two forwards and also puts the pressure on the forwards to make something happen. A good addition to this drill is to have the defense pick up another puck after the initial play and then try to go two on two against the forwards in the other direction. This shows how players can transition from offense to defense, and vice versa.


The best way to watch the players in a game setting is by having them scrimmage and then you can see how everything unfolds. Break them up into two teams and then see what happens in a simulated game situation, complete with line changes and penalties. This is perhaps the best of all hockey tryout drills to really have all the elements of an actual game, and will show how individual players perform as a team. This is also a good way to select an effective combination of players with various skills to make a strong team.

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