Players work on beating the goalie in a breakaway situation. 


Players are divided into two teams and line up against the boards. A goalie is on each end. 

How it works: 

  • Each team has 10 pucks within their half of the center ice circle. 
  • Coach blows his whistle. 
  • First player from each line skates out and gets a puck and shoots it on goal. 
  • If the player makes it, that puck is now out of play. If the player misses, he gets the puck and puts it
    back in the center circle. 
  • Next player goes. 
  • First team to score all of their pucks wins.

Coaching Tips: 

  • Offensive players should have their heads up looking at the goalie and not down looking at the puck. By seeing the goalie, they can read him better and determine the best place to go with the puck.