Players compete 3-on-3 using passing, shooting, stick handling and defensive skills to help their team win.


Players play 3 on 3 using the full ice rink. There is a goalie at each end.

How it works:

  • Coach blows his whistle.
  • Teams play 3 on 3 over the full ice surface.
  • Change players every 30 seconds. When coach blows his whistle to change, the team with the puck passes back to their own goalie and the new players enter, old players leave.
  • Offsides should be called in this game-like drill.
  • When a team scores they must clear out of the offensive zone and go back into their defensive zone.
  • Play for 6-9 minutes.

Coaching tips:

  • Defenders should try to keep as tight a gap as possible because when they leave too much space it screens the goalie.
  • Offensive players should look to pass – short passes are best because there is less chance for an interception. However, a long pass may occasionally be the best option.