This drill focuses on passing as well as shooting.


You need four players, several pucks, and two cones. Cones are placed on the blue lines near the boards.

How it Works:

  • Two Passers stand in either corner of the ice. One Shooter from each side starts at the red line and skates past the blue line. At that point, the Passers pass a puck to the Shooter skating toward them.
  • The Shooters then skate down the ice on the outside of the cone. After just passing the cone, they shoot to the boards, aiming for the Passer who passed to them. The Shooters then cut in toward the net and back toward the Passers.
  • The Passers make a quick pass back to the Shooters. The Shooters then skate back to their original end of the ice, passing inside the cones. When back on their starting end of the ice, they take a shot at the net.
  • Once the drill has been run once, the Shooters should become Passers and vice versa.
  • Run the drill for 10-15 minutes.

Coaching Tips:

Require players to communicate with each other while covering the ice and managing the puck. This experience in multi-tasking simulates a game experience and better prepares the athletes for real action.