Teaches players basic passing and receiving skills.


7 cones placed down the center of the ice from one goal line to the other. Each player gets a puck.

How It Works:

  • Players form two lines, one on each side of the cones.
  • Coach blows the whistle and first player in each line skate forward. Each should have a puck.
  • Player 1 passes the puck to Player 2 at the same time that Player 2 passes to Player 1. They essentially exchange pucks. The pucks should pass between the cones, forming an imaginary “X” shape.
  • This exchange of the pucks continues as the players skate down the ice toward the net. When they reach the opposite goal line, both players should take a shot on goal.
  • This is a relay-type drill; when the first players reach center ice, Players 3 and 4 can begin the drill. When the players finish taking a shot, they should skate along the boards to rejoin the lines.
  • Run the drill for 10-15 minutes.

Coaching Tips:

  • This is a great warm-up for games.
  • If possible, practice this drill daily, changing up the direction of the skating or adding a defender near the goal to change the difficulty.
  • Make sure passes are going between the cones each time.
  • Players should also be aiming their passes in front of their partner so they can receive the puck in motion.