Players improve their puck handling and stick agility.


  1. Put 4 to 5 players in each circle in the rink. Also, put one puck in the circle.

How it Works

Coach blows his whistle or says “Go.”
  1. Circle 1 – All 5 players skate around the inside of the circle, with one player using two hands to control the puck with his stick.
  2. Circle 2 – Same as above, but this time the player carrying the puck can only use the top hand (butt end) on the stick to control the puck.
  3. Circle 3 – Same as drill 2, but this time the player can only control with the bottom hand on the stick.
  4. Circle 4 – Same general drill, but this time the player carrying the puck has to use their skates in order to control it.
  5. Circle 5 – This is a little harder to do, and might be saved for older players. The puck needs to be controlled while dribbling it in the air, with the puck being bounced off the blade of the stick.
Continue the drill until each player in the circle has carried the puck, then have players rotate to another circle. Have each player carry the puck for 1 minute, then blow the whistle to have to have a new player

Coaching Tips

  • Another way to run the drill would be to have the players work on the same skill in each of the circles so there would be no rotation.
  • The point of these drills are not to play keep away, but rather to teach players to control the puck in close quarters and to keep their heads up in traffic.