Players practice making tight turns while controlling the puck.


  • Place two cones on either side of the 5 circles.
  • Divide your team into 5 different groups – one assigned to each circle.
tight figure 8s with pucks hockey stickhandling drill

How it Works

  1. Coach blows his whistle or says “Go.”
  2. A player at each circle tries to skate a tight figure 8 around the cones while maintaining control of the puck.

Coaching Tips

  • This drill can be spiced up a great deal in a couple of ways: First, you can time players and see how many times they can go around the figure 8s without losing control of the puck in a 15 second time limit. Or, each time players go around the entire figure 8, they drop the puck they had, and receive a pass from another player and do the figure 8 again.
  • Be sure to have the players skate around the cones in both directions.