Players work on beating the goalie.


  • Player goes one-on-one against the goalie while other players watch.
make it or miss it hockey competitive drill

How it Works

  1. Before each player shoots, the other players predict whether he is going to score or not.
  2. Those who think he will score line up in the yes row and those who don’t line up in the no row.
  3. Coach blows his whistle.
  4. Player skates in and shoots on goal.
  5. The line that guessed incorrectly skates one lap around the ice.
  6. Next player goes.
  7. Continue drill until each player has shot.

Coaching Tips

  • If the goalie is out of the net, the offensive player should look to fake and then shoot. If the goalie is deep in the net, the offensive player should aim for the corners or the five-hole area.