Three offensive players take on two defenders.


Three offensive players set up between the blue line and the top of the circles. Two defenders are below the goal line.

How it Works

  • Coach blows his whistle and shoots the puck into the corner.

  • Defender 1 gets the puck and passes to Defender 2 behind the net.

  • Defender 2 passes to Forward 1 who skates out of the zone.

  • Forwards loop over the center line and come back at the defense.

  • Defenders go to blue line, pivot and skate backward toward the net.

  • Offensive players attack the defenders.

  • Run the drill for 8-15 minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • One effective 3-on-2 strategy for the offense is for the puck carrier to attack with speed, the second attacker to go to the net and the third attacker to trail and set up in the high slot.