Three offensive players try to work together to beat one defender.


Three offensive players set up along the blue line. Defender is in the corner at the goal line.

How it Works

  • Coach blows his whistle.
  • The defender skates behind the net and gets a puck. The defender passes the puck to offensiveplayer 1.
  • Defender skates to the blue line and then skates backward toward goal.
  • Player 1 passes to player 2 as the three offensive players loop over the center line. Player 1 goesacross the ice to player 3’s position and player 3 goes to player 1’s position. Player 2 stays in the middle of the ice.
  • The three offensive players now attack the defender.
  • Run the drill for 8-15 minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • In a 3-on-1 situation, the defender should stay in the middle if the puck is in the middle. If the puck is not in the middle the defender should slightly favor the puck carrier’s side of the ice.
  • As players get more comfortable, player 1 can pass to player 3 or keep the puck himself to start the attack.