Pits offensive and defensive players against each other one on one.


  • A puck is placed behind each net.
  • Offensive players line up in opposite corners of the rink.
  • One defender sets up between the face-off circles at each end of the ice.
One on One - Full Ice Drill

How it Works

  1. Coach blows his whistle.
  2. First offensive player in each line skates behind the net and gets the puck.
  3. Offensive players skate down the ice.
  4. As soon as offensive players get the puck, defensive players skate backward down the ice.
  5. Defenders must skate backward until center line. Offensive players must skate straight down the boards until center line where they can angle in to the net.
  6. Run the drill for 5-10 minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • Defenders should attempt to skate backward at the same speed as the offensive player and be in a balanced position to react quickly to any change in movement by the offensive player.