In this drill players practice putting the puck in front of the net as well as going to the front of the net when they don’t have the puck.


  • Players form two lines along the blue line.
  • Player in one line has a puck.
pass in front of the net hockey passing drill

How it Works

  1. Coach blows his whistle or says “Go” to start.
  2. Player with the puck skates down the wing to the faceoff dot.
  3. Player from other line skates to the front of the goal.
  4. Player with puck passes it to player in front of the goal who knocks it in the net.
  5. Run the drill for 6-12 minutes.

Coaching Tips

  • Another way to run this drill is to teach the kids to go to the net in the offensive zone and the coach will pass them the puck so they can take a shot on net.
  • Be sure to run this drill from both sides of the ice.