Players practice a variety of passing skills.


  • Create five groups of players and station each group at one of the circles. Hockey Station Passing Drill

How it Works

  1. A coach blows his whistle or says “Go” to start.
  2. Players at each station perform a specific passing drill.
  3. Station 1 – players one-touch pass to each other.
  4. Station 2 – Players pass and follow.
  5. Station 3 – Players pass the puck while on their knees.
  6. Station 4 – Players execute backhand passes.
  7. Station 5 – Players play “monkey in the middle” with a player in the middle of the circle trying to intercept the pass.
  8. Run the drill for 2-5 minutes and then have players rotate stations. Continue until players have been at all five stations.

Coaching Tips

  • Stress to passers to look at their target and get a good weight shift on the pass.
  • Stress to receivers to present a good target and to cushion the puck when it hits their blade.