Builds sturdiness and agility on skates.


  • Players line up along the goal line. Hop The Lines Hockey Skating Drill

How it Works

  1. Coach blows the whistle or says “Go.”
  2. Kids skate forward.
  3. At the first blue line, players jump over the line on one foot.
  4. At the center line they jump over the line on two feet.
  5. At the second blue line they turn backwards and jump over the line backward on two feet.
  6. They continue skating backward to the goal line where they stop and prepare to go back to the starting position on the coach’s command – jumping over the lines again.
  7. Have the players complete 3 reps.

Coaching Tips

  • Coach can change what players are supposed to do at each line. For example, you can have them hop off one foot or two feet going backward or forward.