Players learn the basic skill of stopping.


  • Coach and player stand together each holding opposite ends of two short hockey sticks.
Stop The Bus Hockey Skating Drill

How it Works

  1. First, the coach demonstrates how to stop. They need to show younger players that just as their skate blades can propel them forward, the blades can stop them as well.
  2. Then with the coach holding one end of the sticks and the player the other, the coach skates slowly forward to gain momentum, and then turns his body to stop.
  3. At this point, the player should still be holding on to the sticks, and his body should also turn to stop as well.
  4. Drill continues with each player taking a turn or multiple turns.

Coaching Tips

  • For younger players you can incorporate many of these drills into games that kids commonly play on the playground in their sneakers such Frozen Tag, Red Light Green Light and others. This helps combine many of the basic skating skills, such as stopping, into a fun game for the kids to learn.