This drill helps younger skaters learn the power of their blade edges. It builds skating power and also helps players learn to gain momentum with each stride.


  • Players line up along the goal line
push and glide hockey skating drill

How it Works

  1. Coach blows the whistle or says “Go” and players skate to the opposite goal line.
  2. They stop at the opposite goal line, turn and prepare to go back.
  3. Coach blows the whistle or says “Go” and players skate back to the other goal line.
  4. Perform 3 reps – down and back is one rep.

Coaching Tips

  • Be sure to explain how the edge of the skate is very important in gaining speed and power in the stride.
  • Demonstrate proper technique to the players before running the drill for the first time: Angle your skate, push off and then glide until you start to slow down and then push off with the other foot.
  • With each stride, the skater should alternate legs they push with as they make their way down the ice.