A conditioning drill that also helps players improve their quick starts and
stops as well as their skating.


  • Players line up at the goal line.

How it Works

  1. Coach blows his whistle or says, “Go.”
  2. Players skate hard to the blue line, then back to the goal line.
  3. Players skate to the center line, then back to the blue line.
  4. Players skate to the next blue line, then back to the goal line.
  5. Finally, players skate to the opposite goal line and back.
  6. Run this drill multiple times to build conditioning. Also, if players don’t give proper effort, have them do the entire drill again.

Coaching Tips

  • Drill should be continuous with no stops or rest periods between each segment.
  • Look for good skating fundamentals – players should start in a good hockey stance and they should keep their heads up when skating.