Players practice the basic skating skills of turning, stopping and making the switch between forward and backward skating.


  • Divide players into 3 groups, put one group in each section of the ice.
Multi-Skate Hockey Skating Drill

How it Works

  1. In the first section, skaters will plant one skate and push of with the other skate, but continue in a circle rather than pushing forward.
  2. Do this exercise with the other skate.
  3. In the second section, players start at one side of the boards, skate to an imaginary line connecting the face off dots, then to center, then to the next line of dots.
  4. At each imaginary line, they have to execute a proper stop and start.
  5. In the third section, players skate forward, again to an imaginary line splitting this third of the ice into quarters. Then they switch to skating backwards, then to forwards, etc.
  6. Have the players execute 3 reps in each section.

Coaching Tips

  • Players should be skating with their heads up, not looking down at their skates.
  • Players should always start in a good hockey stance and skate with good balance and control.